Webinar Recording - How Loss Control is Evolving Amidst COVID-19
Featuring Eric Bourquin, Vice President Safety Services, Texas Mutual Insurance Company
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The COVID-19 crisis is has had an immense impact on the operations of safety and risk control departments, and is forcing many organizations to re-evaluate how they do business. With in-person consultations and training unfeasible in the current climate, teams are increasingly focused on virtual approaches to reaching and servicing their customers.

In this webinar featuring Eric Bourquin, Vice President Safety Services at Texas Mutual Insurance Company, we discussed ways in which loss control teams are adjusting, as well as best practice approaches that are proving successful at Texas Mutual. To access this recording, complete the form on this page.

Meet Your Hosts


Eric Bourquin, Vice President Safety Services
Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Eric provides management and direction to the statewide safety services team in support of the goals and objectives of the policyholder services division at Texas Mutual. Eric has spent 26 years in the safety services operation at Texas Mutual Insurance Company, and has spoken on behalf of the company on a number of safety and insurance-related topics to various business and insurance organizations. Eric holds a Bachelor of Arts from Texas Tech University. Eric is active in the American Society of Safety Engineers as well as a number of community organizations in the Lubbock, Texas area.


Warren Woermke, Senior Marketing Associate
Risk Control Technologies Inc. 

Warren is involved in all aspect of Marketing at RCT, as well as various Customer Success initiatives and the annual Loss Control Summit. He joined the organization in December of 2016, previously working at SAS Institute Inc., the world's largest privately held software company. Warren holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University, with a focus on marketing and economics.